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A Website to educate the public about the causes of Legionnaires' Disease & ways to minimize Legionella Bacteria. This Website is for the design, installation, and maintenance of Building Water Systems to minimize the growth of Legionella and other organic pathogens.

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Legionella Facts

Information about Legionella

Legionella is a type of bacteria that is found primarily in warm or hot water environments. These bacteria can cause Legionellosis. Legionellosis comes in two forms, Pontiac fever, the lesser of the forms, and also Legionnaires’ disease which is a more severe multi-system illness with a deadly type of pneumonia. Thousands of people get Legionnaires’ Disease in the United States each year. Of the approximated 2.4 million cases of pneumonia that that are diagnosed in hospital patients each year in the United States. About 18,000 cases are confirmed as Legionnaires' Disease and up to 600,000 cases of Legionnaires' Disease are misdiagnosed as pneumonia because the hospitals do not perform the tests for Legionella.

Legionnaires' Disease is considered an environmental acquired disease because it is transmitted by the environment not by transmission between people. The bacteria are usually contained in water droplets and then are inhaled into the lungs which will then serve as breeding grounds for the bacteria.
Many sources claim that if you do not feel sick when Legionella is found then it is not worth fixing the problem. This is not always true. As we age our immune system weakens with time. It is better to control the problem once you find it rather than wait until someone with a weakened immune system is exposed to the bacteria. If we all live long enough we will all have a weakened immune system and therefore everyone can potentially be susceptible to Legionellosis.